Book Update: 3 Short Horror Stories in the Can

I started writing my horror book the last day of June. It's now one month and 13 days later and I have three short stories completed. I'm actually surprised I've written this many this fast because I'm usually a slow writer. At least with screenplays, which I've been writing since 2008. 

Many of those screenplays I made into short films, and one of them was made into a feature-length film. It's clear to me now that the change to prose is a better fit for me. I don't have to worry about all the hassles and limitations of an independent film production, and I can let my imagination run free. I think that's why I'm writing so quick. 

Anyway, the stories so far are "Horror on Interstate 89", "In the Walls", and "Someone at the Door". I'm aiming for 16 scary stories overall. The book (currently untitled) should be out next Halloween. That is the goal. More updates to come as things creep along. 📕🖋💀

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