Beware Vermont's Bennington Triangle

girl in dark woods with monster

I now have a fifth tale to join my horror tome and I'm calling it "The Goonyak". This story is slightly longer than my other short stories so far. I'll probably have a few longer ones in my upcoming book, but they're all relatively short tales. Anyway, the story takes place in southern Vermont on Glastenbury Mountain. Legend has it the mountain lies in the heart of the Bennington Triangle, which is known to be a hot zone for paranormal activity and strange disappearances. It's also known to be the home of a red-eyed, Bigfoot-type creature called the Bennington Monster. Well, I decided with this story to reinvent the monster, and that's why I renamed it The Goonyak. Let me just say, I'm thrilled with this monstrous reinvention, and I love how the tale turned out. Alright, here's an overall list of Bennington Triangle mysteries...

💀 Known for disappearances (between 1945-1950, five people vanished).

🛸 Known for UFO and Bigfoot sightings.

🗿 Legend has it there is a man-eating rock.

👻 The area is home to a cursed ghost town.

The Bennington Triangle is definitely a treasure trove of ideas and stories. I may revisit this creepy place for more tales down the road, but not in person. No way. 😱

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